Book Publishing

Gutenberg at WorkOnce an author has completed the writing of a book, much still has to be done before it becomes a final product, whether a printed book or an ebook. This process involves both technology and design.

H Mueller Design can take your work from manuscript to the final product. Our service include:

  • book layout
  • editing
  • graphic design and illustration
  • cover design
  • print management
  • marketing

Reality Check

Publishing and promoting a book is a huge undertaking and involves a lot of work – therefore it is expensive! A publisher has to invest a lot of money when they take on a new book. This is the main reason why publishers turn down most new/unknown authors – they are not willing to risk their investment.

Many new, and even established authors, are turning to self-publishing as a way of getting their book published. BUT it still is a huge amount of work and will cost money! And you, as the self-publisher, have to carry all the costs up-front and you don’t even know if you will sell a single copy! However, you believe in your book and this is the way to get it published.

H Mueller Design is not a publishing house; we are a full-service graphics company supporting self-publishers.  Why would you use our services? We have the experience, expertise and all the professional software tools. Because we are a small business, our overheads are lower than that of a large publishing house. This allows us to provide a personal service at very competitive rates. Depending on the skills of the author, we can tailor a publishing solution allowing the author to do whatever work they feel comfortable with.

Typical Scenario

A typical project goes like this. The author provides a draft manuscript in a word-processing format. We would clean up the manuscript (electronically speaking) and add the front and back matter, and apply for an ISBN number. Depending on the nature of the book, we might also include illustrations. We would discuss the design of the book with the author and make suggestions. Once the layout of the book is decided upon, the cover is designed.

Several levels of editing is required during the project. There is the editing of the text (spelling, grammar, style, etc). This is followed by editing of the layout.

A first draft of the book is printed using a print on demand service like Amazon’s CreateSpace or Lulu. Once the author is satisfied, the promotion phase of the book is started. Most of the promotion is done online and we would typically create a website, and set up social media accounts for the author if needed. We would design posters and book trailor videos as needed.

Once the printed book has been on the market for a bit, we would introduce an ebook version of the book.