We provide a wide range of training services and can design custom training to suit specific client requirements.

Here is an overview of what we offer – if you don’t see what you need listed here, be sure to contact us.

Computer training

Whatever your computer training needs, our dedicated team will be able to provide the right program – whether it is software, hardware, or Internet. We have many years of adult education experience teaching computer courses. Our one-on-one computer training is particularly popular.

Technical training

If your company produces a technical product, we can develop the appropriate training courses and materials for your staff and for your clients. Where needed we can also run the training.

Customer training

We can design and run training courses for your customers. Modern educational technology offers new exciting training possibilities such as computer-based training (CBT), Internet and the World-wide Web.

Woman Using LaptopOn-line training

Most people find their training needs are on-going but their schedules do not allow them to attend traditional training. On-line training courses via the Internet is available 24×7! We can design on-line training for your staff or customers. On-line training is of a consistent high standard and will improve your image and your bottom line. Be sure to visit our online training site.

Video training

We can design and produce video-based training courses. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth even more (a cliché for sure but nevertheless true). Like on-line training, video-based training has the advantage of always being at a consistent high standard and can be used at any time that suits the person taking the training.

Video courses are typically delivered on DVD. However, video training courses can also be delivered online to produce very effective, affordable training solutions, even on mobile devices. Visit our training site –

Project-based Learning

There are many excellent resources for learning computer technology. A quick search on Google will result in many options. Most of these courses focus on getting the know the software and all the many menu options, which of course are important.

Our approach is different. Our focus is on getting the job done. In other words, we take a real-life project from start to finish. Along the way you will learn the options of the software that you really need, and quite a few more practical tips to boot.

“Intellectual development should start at birth and end at death” ~ Albert Einstein