One on One Training

One on One TrainingWhat is the most effective way to learn about computers? One-on-one training!

Have you ever taken a computer class and found the instructor was teaching everything but what you wanted to know? We all have.

A good computer teacher
The answer is one on one training with a competent teacher rather than a computer geek. You need a teacher that does not overwhelm you with jargon, who is willing to listen and answer what you need to know.

That is the kind of one on one training we offer.

The Cost
Is it expensive? Yes, but not really. You can sit for hours in a computer class and learn very little – that is expensive! In one on one training you really learn, and learn what you want to know so your money is spent effectively. At $30 per hour it is way less than what your hairdresser or car mechanic charges

Range of Training
What do you need to learn? Whether it is an introduction to computers, how to write an eBook, or even advanced programming, we’ve got you covered.

For more information
Rather than us writing more, why not tell us what you need.



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