If a picture is worth a thousand words, one could say that a video is worth yet thousand time more.

Modern digital video and associated technology opens many new avenues for your organization; contact us for an assessment and proposal.

The process of making a video involves several steps: initial research, writing the storyboard/script, shooting the video scenes, post-production editing (putting the bits and pieces together and adding text, music and graphics, and finally outputting it to DVD and/or your website.

Click here to view/print a copy of our general videography services flyer.

Business Videography Services

Potential applications of video in business include:

  • a new product launch
  • staff training
  • corporate functions
  • explaining new initiatives • promotional videos
  • instructional videos
  • trade shows
  • and more…

Personal/Individual Videography

We also provide many personal video services. Video made of special days or events as children grow up become treasured possessions. Making a video family tree is another popular and powerful service. For more detail about our personal videography services, click here.

Event Videography

There are a wide range of events that can be captured on video: anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, weddings, sports events, funerals, birthdays, dance, theatre, product launches, to name just a few. Click here to view our Event Videography flyer.

Photo Montage and Projection Services

We will create a heart-warming video from your photos/digital CD’s that captures life’s special moments forever.

Big screen projection offers a way for more people to enjoy the photo montage – and also for Block Party Movies, Special Events, Retirement Parties, etc. See our flyer for more detail.

Legal Video

While video used in the legal profession uses many of the techniques common to general videography, there are some very specific requirements unique to the legal profession.

For more information about our services in this area, download our legal videography flyer.