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Are You Entitled?

We have added yet another exciting new course to our Adobe Elements for Small Business series: Make Eye-catching Titles.

Having a good title can make or break the effectiveness of your videos. Fortunately Premiere Elements has powerful, but easy to use tools for making titles.

In this course we show you step by step first the basics of titles, and then we go through three more advanced title styles. Each video is accompanied by extensive notes explaining all the steps and decisions.

Project 3
Example of one of the projects you will create in this course.

Adobe Elements is the perfect suite for small organizations as it is powerful, while yet affordable and easy to use.  You can use Photoshop Elements for most of your graphic needs while Premiere Elements is perfect for promoting your organization through video.

We are actively developing more courses in the Adobe Elements for Small Business series. All the courses use practical, project-based design. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter so we can keep you up to date with new releases.

Courses available in the series:


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