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Thank You Microsoft

My Lumia 950

I would like to take a moment to personally thank the team at Microsoft for giving us the wonderful Windows phone!

My first phone was a Lumia 620—it taught me what a smartphone was. Then I got the fantastic 830 which was amazingly powerful and allowed me to do so much more.

For the last while I have been using the brilliant Lumia 950. With its elegant design, it turns heads in Starbucks: “What is that old lady doing with that neat phone, wonder what it is?” I love showing it off!

Yes, I am a senior with shaky hands (thanks to WordFlow I am able to “type” quite fast). I heard rumours that Microsoft is going to discontinue Windows phones. If there is a business reason for that, I’ll understand and it’s OK. However, I need to tell you what an important part the beautiful Lumia 950 plays in my life.

With my phone, I stay in touch with family and friends by SMS, email and Facebook. As a senior, the one thing I have lots of is time. I fill it with the Lumia in many ways. I have been learning a new language, imagine at my age, using Duolingo. Of course, I read a lot with the Kindle app—I like how I can adjust the size of the text. A confession, I like to relax by watching movies on Netflix, and I can adjust the volume of the headphones without bothering anyone else.

Then there are the mundane things like checking the weather, finding out when the next bus is due at my stop (I have a tile for that), adding doctor’s appointments in the calendar (my memory is not so good anymore). Shopping online is wonderful.

I like how easy the phone is to use, and how I can set up the start screen with large tiles for the things I use. I deeply appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into building this wonderful phone and software.

So, thank you Microsoft!