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Are You Entitled?

We have added yet another exciting new course to our Adobe Elements for Small Business series: Make Eye-catching Titles.

Having a good title can make or break the effectiveness of your videos. Fortunately Premiere Elements has powerful, but easy to use tools for making titles.

In this course we show you step by step first the basics of titles, and then we go through three more advanced title styles. Each video is accompanied by extensive notes explaining all the steps and decisions.

Project 3
Example of one of the projects you will create in this course.

Adobe Elements is the perfect suite for small organizations as it is powerful, while yet affordable and easy to use.  You can use Photoshop Elements for most of your graphic needs while Premiere Elements is perfect for promoting your organization through video.

We are actively developing more courses in the Adobe Elements for Small Business series. All the courses use practical, project-based design. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter so we can keep you up to date with new releases.

Courses available in the series:


Click here to view the Make Eye-catching Titles course home page ->

Adobe Elements for Small Business

Adobe Elements 13 LogosWe have shown in our many online courses that you can do a lot with MS Word and the graphic tools that are included with Windows.

However, if you have found that you often wished you had more graphic power in your projects, then you should consider the Adobe Elements suite.

What is Adobe Elements?
Adobe Elements Suite consists of Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements and the Organizer. The reference to “elements” reflects that these programs contain all the essential elements of the full Photoshop and Premiere—but at a greatly reduced price.

The main advantage for small business, besides the price, is ease of use. Adobe has really succeeded in making everyday graphic tasks easy and fast. And in business, time is valuable.

Both programs have a Quick View where you can do many tasks with a single click.

For more complex projects there is the Guided view, where the program guides you step by step through the specific task—this is particularly handy for those tasks that you don’t do often.

The Expert view gives you access to the more advanced features when you need them.

What is eLive? This view gives you access to Adobe’s online resources Elements website where you can find many tips, inspiration and tutorials. Ideal for when you are hard at work, but feel you need a bit of a break.

If for example, you have a photo taken at the tradeshow, and you want to put it on your website, but it is not so nice. Click on Smart Fix in Photoshop Elements and chances are it can be rescued. Or you have a video of the mayor visiting your booth – but you used your smartphone and it is shaky. Premiere Elements can fix that too with one click.

These are powerful programs but Adobe has made it easier to master them. You don’t have to use all the advanced features all the time, and certainly not in the beginning. The more you use the programs though, your skills will grow progressively. You will still use the Quick and Guided views often, but you will be glad you also have the Expert view when you need it.

Once you start using Adobe Elements, you will certainly fall in love with the program, both for at work and at home.

If you are not sure if you should spend the money, we encourage you to take our free online course, Introduction to Adobe Elements.

In this course we show you have to do many common business tasks and it will give you a feel for both the ease of use and the power of Adobe Elements (see the completed course project below).

The course is fun and free – so what are you waiting for,  click here to go to the course home page…

The Software for Small Business

adobe ps12MS Word is undoubtedly one of the most used software programs ever. And one can do a lot with it. However, these days one needs to be able to do more advanced graphics and video editing. That applies at all walks of life, whether you are a small business, or just a hobbyist.

Like Word, Photoshop is as well known. But it is expensive and complicated. I have found a powerful solution–it is a combination package Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements. These two programs have virtually all the power of their professional equivalents but at a tenth of the price!

Both programs have an Quick and an Expert view. For the everyday jobs, one uses the Quick view, but for more advanced work there is the Expert view.

What I find amazing is that the combination package is under $100.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 & Premiere Elements 11