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Presentation Perfect

presentationWe all hate boring presentations that go on and on! You can be called on to make a presentation from time to time, maybe at a trade show or at a conference.

In this post we will describe the Golden Rule of presentations that will ensure that yours is not one of the boring presentations.

The Golden Rule
The golden rule is actually quite simple and is shown graphically below—using a graphic will help to keep it in your memory!

the rule

What does that mean? Basically the following:

  1. Your presentation should make one point and consist of 6 slides only.
  2. Each slide should cover one topic, consist of up to 6 bullet points, and each bullet point can have up to 6 words.

In Practice
In practice it means that your presentation should look like this:

presentation 1

Your first Summary Slide will say something like “In this presentation I will cover…” and then you list the titles of your 6 slides.

The final summary slide of course  will be “To summarise, I have covered…” and you list the 6 slide titles again.

Your individual slides will look something like this.

presentation 2

The presentation golden rule is a guide. So if you end up with 7 slides, it is not the end of the world—just know you are starting to move onto presentation dangerous ground. Same is true for the number of words per bullet point—although here less is better.

Whether you are putting your presentation together using Word or PowerPoint, and are using an overhead projector or a laptop, let the Golden Rule guide you.

Remember you are making the presentation, not the projector. You want the audience to listen to you, not struggle to read the many lines of text on the screen.