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What Is Video Marketing?

After my Video_Cameraprevious post on the importance of video in promoting your organization, I have been asked by several people just what does video marketing mean? What does it translate to in practical terms?

In this post I will describe briefly what video marketing is all about.

Type of Organization

Video marketing has some core components that are common to most organizations. But then there are video aspects that depend on your organization and its objectives. For example, the type of videos that a local DIY store could make, would differ from that of a society trying to prevent the demolition of a heritage building.

The Core Components

I am assuming that you already have a website in place and possibly also a social media presence. Then you would  need the following core video components:

  • Welcome Video (goes on your website home page)
  • About Us Video
  • YouTube Welcome Video
  • YouTube Channel

YouTube As Hub

A good strategy is to consider YouTube as the “hub” of your video promotion strategy. YouTube, as part of Google, is an important search engine. They will host and serve your videos. You also have to assume that people will discover you through a video on YouTube.

Hence you should have a YouTube Channel, properly set up. This will allow people to “subscribe” to your channel. When a visitor first comes to your channel, they will see your “YouTube Welcome Video”. If properly set up, there will be a link on this video to drive people to your website, which is still the core of your online presence.

Ongoing Video Production

In addition to the core video components that you set up in the beginning, you need to produce videos on a regular ongoing basis. This will depend on your type of organization. The DIY store must have 100’s of DIY ideas that could be put in video. The NGO promoting the preservation of a heritage building could do videos on the building’s architecture, history, famous people, interviews, and so on.

Technical Matters

For your video marketing to be effective, they must obviously be well done. Furthermore, you have to consider your branding, keyword optimization and so on. This requires the design of proper intros and outros (end cards) and use of YouTube annotations.

Each video must be uploaded to YouTube in such a way that it is optimized in term of keywords, title and description, with appropriate linking (depends on type of video). Then the video needs to be put on a page or blog post on your website and shared on you social media sites.

Opt-in Marketing

If you have a specific campaign, like promoting a new product or service, you would have an attention getting video on YouTube, that will drive viewers to an opt-in page on your website. There would be another video encouraging people to take action (sign up for your newsletter, buy a product, sign a petition, etc). Some marketers even advocate that this be stretched out to a series of videos promoted by email reminders!

The Cost

It is impossible to give a blanket cost estimate when there are so many factors involved. When determining the cost, one has to look at the amount of work involved, as well as the investment in equipment and software.

To make a one minute video can take about two hours of video shoot time. Add to that upfront time to plan the script, and time after to edit and publish, one is talking about a day.

Once the core components are in place one can speed up the production of ongoing videos quite a bit to the point where you can produce a month’s worth (i.e. 4) of scheduled ongoing videos in a single day.

As a ball-park figure, setting up a basic video marketing program would cost between $600 – $2000, depending on the nature/scope of the program.


I hope I have been able to put a very big, still-evolving subject into a nutshell. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.