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Make Good Videos with Your Windows Phone

Whether you have a Windows, Android or iOS phone, it does not matter—you can make good videos with them. Smartphones can be used for making videos for both business and pleasure. In fact, full-length feature films have been shot entirely on smartphones.

Olive (shot on a Nokia phone)

In this post, I am going to discuss briefly what it takes to make good videos with your smartphone and how you can start.

Your smartphone is smart enough to make it easy to shoot high definition video footage, point your phone and press record. But that alone does not a good video make. Hence the title of this post, one makes good video—shooting the video footage is only a part of it.

The key

Good lighting and good sound are important, for sure. But the key to good video is having a story. You have to put your video footage together during editing in such a way that it tells an effective story. And you need to know what the story is going to be so that you will know what video footage to shoot.

The bottom line is, yes, your smartphone can cut it but there is a learning curve! The good news is that learning how to make good video with your smartphone is fun and free. Aim to shoot and edit a video each week. In the beginning most will be awful—remember the only way of getting experience is by going out and doing it.


There are excellent smartphone videography courses online:
• www.lynda.com

A must-read book is How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck by Steve Stockman – available from Amazon.

Whether you need to make promotional videos for your business or shoot your child’s birthday party, knowing how to make good video with your smartphone is a powerful skill to have.

Making Good Videos with a Windows Phone

Getting Started With Video

videoingAre you intrigued by video? Maybe you would like to use video in your business, or try your hand a video journalism. But how does one get started?

In this post we will describe our practical approach to learning videography without breaking the bank.

What Is Videography?
Making an effective video is all about telling a story. Your story might be about your company’s new product, or a news event, or an interesting tourist destination. You can use a combination of video clips, still photos, music, narration, and graphics to craft your video story.

So clearly, making a video is a little bit more complex that writing a post for Facebook.

Our Approach
We have put together a series of online courses that use the free Movie Maker software included with Windows.

The courses have been designed to take you step-by-step from the basic concepts through to the more advanced techniques for making your videos look professional.

We have also included several projects where you learn to apply the basic concepts in real-life applications.

Basic Concepts:

Real-life Projects:

A Caveat
Do we give the impression that videography is fun? We certainly do! That’s why we made this series of courses. Are suggesting that every business should make their own videos? Not necessarily. If you try it and find it is your thing, great!

However, making video is time consuming and the learning curve is steep. Outsourcing your business video to a professional is reasonable. But having an understanding of the video process will make your collaboration with a professional videographer more effective.

Whether for business, as a hobby or starting a new career, our video courses will get you started in a fun and affordable way.
So do check us out today!

The Secret Ingredient

Recently I have been working hard at developing training courses in three related fields – web design, videography and book publishing. I was reflecting on how advances in technology have made things so much easier.

For example when I first started in video there were so many settings on my video camera that I had to consider. That often resulted in flops that had to be reshot. But today my cell phone shoots better high definition video automatically.

However there is one element common to all three fields that determines the success of projects. It is the one element that people often neglect while they focus on the technology – it is the art of storytelling.

You can have a nice looking website but if the content is poorly presented, it will not be effective. The same is true of a glitzy video with a poor script and a book with an unsatisfying story.

It is a cliché but true – content is king!